Nonprofit Theology


Canvasback has been calling itself a “Christian mission” from its beginnings. Within the larger nonprofit sphere, religious organizations such as ours occupy a unique space. Unlike churches and schools, our organization preforms a job that is not blatantly evangelistic. In fact, it might appear that Canvasback could just as easily have called itself a secular organization. So why do nonprofits like ours pigeon hole themselves into this niche? What makes us different from secular organizations doing similar work and what responsibilities does this title impose on us? These are the kinds of topics that will be discussed within our Nonprofit Theology section. Join in the conversation and hear the arguments by reading the articles below.


Poultry, Power and Protest: Why Nonprofit Theology? – by Sterling Spence, March 19, 2014
An opening case for why Christian Nonprofits have a responsibility to think through and state their theology. Furthermore, it addresses the tie-ins of liberation, context, and protest.

Charity Justicen’t Enough – by Sterling Spence, April 3, 2014
Let’s think about what we’re actually doing with our charity. Are we solving problems or just easing them? Looking at the religious traditions of love and justice we might find a better model.

Democratic Development? When the Power of People Hurts – by Jaylene Chung, April 10, 2014
It’s wonderful when donors get involved in the work of a nonprofit, but how far should this involvement go? Where is the line of public say when communities are at stake?


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