Global Perspectives

#Global Power

Globalization has created clashes among time and space, technologies, cultures, ideas, and many other forces. Yet few matters are as polarized as they are presented to be; and certain harmonies do exist.

This category is purposefully broad. Within it, I hope to explore the nuances in the systems of power that govern the world. These could be the idea of the nation-state, the popular concept of hegemony, patriarchy, the racial biases that we can never escape, or the oft-overlooked strength of those the world perceives as weak.

It is important for us to discuss—or push back against—these global perspectives.


Language as Power – by Alexander Hirata, March 19, 2014
In this article, Alex deals with the significance of language in the way we talk about ourselves, our work, and the countries we deal with. How have the words used changed the way we think about social justice?


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