Words without action is useless, just as action without thought is pointless. As a nonprofit, our very existence is directed by action, our cause is to affect change; this must in turn be informed by thoughtful research and conversation. It is our belief that nonprofits have a responsibility to explore the complexities of development, people, and politics, in order to better serve the communities in which they work.

Join in our conversation as we shape our own actions, and hopefully the actions of those around us.


Give it To Me Straight: The Responsibility to Honesty for Nonprofits and their Supporters – by Jaylene Chung, March 18, 2014
People often ask what nonprofits do with their money, but why? Simply as a safeguard against fraud or embezzlement by administrative leadership? There are more important questions both supporters and nonprofits should ask when asking questions and making decisions about development programs and projects.

Charity Justicen’t Enough – by Sterling Spence, April 3, 2014
Let’s think about what we’re actually doing with our charity. Are we solving problems or just easing them? Looking at the religious traditions of love and justice we might find a better model.

Democratic Development? When the Power of People Hurts – by Jaylene Chung, April 10, 2014
It’s wonderful when donors get involved in the work of a nonprofit, but how far should this involvement go? Where is the line of public say when communities are at stake?


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